Keeping the community healthy

Donation Goal For This Project is $14,500
62% Donated/$5,400 To Go
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Contribute to the improvement of the general health of our community by donating to our general medicine program through which our doctors and nurses treat the most prevalent illnesses in our community such as malnutrition, diarrhoea and flus and provide general medical checkups.

Our team of health professionals work to prevent, detect and treat these illnesses and other medical conditions. We perform general medical checkups, pre and post-natal controls, child development monitoring and treatment of wounds and burns. Services are provided free of charge or at accessible prices allowing the individuals in our community to get the treatment they need quickly as the next closest health center is located several kilometers away.

Your donation will go towards the salaries of our doctors, nurses, a biochemist, medical equipment, and basic supplies such as gloves, cleaning products, and clean water that are essential to providing high quality service. As an example, a $10 donation allows to cover a general check-up for the entire family.