Happy Walls are GREAT!

Earlier this month we launched a Happiness campaign as a way to commemorate the International Day of Happiness, celebrated on March 20. Our objective was to create a Wall of Happiness from the happy pictures we receive from our supporters establishing a deeper connection with our community. We can proudly say that the campaign was a definite success! Many of you sent us beautiful pictures, and we also achieved something bigger; in many cases along with the photo we also received personal inspiring stories! Here is one of them: 3 Erika met Francine in New York City and the girls quickly became best friends. Their friendship was put to the test as they live in different countries. “I hope this photo of our awesome friendship will remind everyone that it doesn’t matter how far you are or if you have a different culture, Friendship can last forever, anytime and anywhere!” writes Erika, proving that friendship has no borders!