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Short-term (less than 3 months)

Long-term (over 3 months)

Medical students and professionals

Are you travelling around South America, stopping in Cochabamba and would like to help out? Can you only afford to commit for a month or two? Consider volunteering with us to enrich your experience!

Our minimum time for volunteering is 1 month. You will need at least basic Spanish, and the more you speak, the more involved you can be. Whilst we accept volunteers who do not speak Spanish, there are limited staff and individuals in our community that speak English, and it therefore makes a significant difference to the experience of our volunteers and the work that they will be able to be involved in at Proyecto Horizonte if they do not speak Spanish.

There is no cost for volunteering with us. For those volunteers who intend to stay for 3 months or less we ask that they collect a minimum donation of USD 150 coming from fundraising efforts they conduct before joining us.

Below are different ways in which you can get involved at Proyecto Horizonte:

With basic Spanish


Marketing and Communications

Our marketing team always needs help! Help us prepare our monthly newsletters and articles to be translated and distributed in various social media channels to maintain our online presence. Assist us in our fundraising efforts by helping us organize events. If you have photography or video editing skills, we are always seeking individuals willing to help us take good quality pictures and videos.

With Intermediate or above Spanish

In addition to the above, volunteers can be involved in the following:

Tutoring children with learning difficulties

Assist the specialist of our tutoring classes who works hard to identify and address the needs of the children and teenagers experiencing learning difficulties, particularly in the subjects of language and mathematics.

Assisting our Community Training team in the preparation and giving of workshops

You will be helping our Community Training team prepare and give workshops and classes to women, youth, children on a range of topics including nutrition, hygiene, sex education, leadership. Intermediate Spanish is required. This can also include developing videos with social messages to show to the community.

Are you are looking for an internship, university credit (*) or professional development? Do you have a specific skill or professional background that can be helpful to our community development, operations, marketing or fundraising efforts? Or are you simply looking to volunteer with us long-term?

If you arrive with limited Spanish, your options are limited to those detailed above until you get up to an intermediate level of Spanish and then you can get involved in the areas below depending on the timing.

In addition to the volunteer opportunities that are available to short-term volunteers, we can work with you to develop a specific project or program as long as it is aligned with our objectives. In the past, our longer-term volunteers have been involved in many different ways such as:

Teaching English in schools

Teachers of the schools that we support in our community would like to offer English classes to their students; however very often they do not have the required knowledge to give their students comprehensive classes. We are therefore looking for volunteers to teach in public schools of our community at the elementary, middle or high school level. Please note that school holidays are for 3 weeks in July and 2 months in December/ January.

Social work or psychologist assistant

Work with the social workers or psychologists to attend cases of children, youth and adults in vulnerable situations such as violence victims, at risk youth, young mothers etc. Please note, this is only available to professionals in the area, with high level Spanish who commit to more than 3months.

Assisting in our public health programs

We strive to prevent disease, prolong life and promote health in our community through educating our community to make informed choices. Our medical staff therefore needs help with the preparation and implementation of health campaigns and workshops.

Assisting the nurses in the health centre

As the health centre can have large numbers of patients, volunteers can assist in the weighing and measuring of patients, taking blood pressure and, for qualified nurses, with vaccinations.

Community Development work

Work on community development and impact research projects that include needs assessments and impact evaluations that help us guide our work.

Running youth club activities

Helping the children with their homework, teaching them English, computer skills, dancing, sports and games are some of the activities we offer at your club. Intermediate Spanish required

Marketing, communications and fundraising

There are different ways in which you can help our marketing team. Assist us in the development of marketing plans and maintenance of our online presence. Shoot informational videos or a short documentary. Assist our volunteer program coordinator or help us with grant writing.

We are able to work with you and your University to determine if course credit is a possibility for your volunteer project or internship.

Due to the fact that we have medical students from the local university working with the doctors, the ability to shadow doctors is limited. For professionals, it is not possible to attend patients in the health due to the lack of authorisation to prescribe medications. However, the health team are always keen to have training sessions with specialists, house visits and public health are always great ways that health professionals can help.

If you are a professional in an area that we do not offer, we can always evaluate the possibilities of offering this service to the community depending on timing, level of Spanish and needs of the community.


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All informations about living in Cochabamba can be found in our Volunteer FAQ