Contacts for International Donors and volunteers

Christian Ruehmer
Co-Founder and President

Christian co-founded Proyecto Horizonte and represents it internationally. As President of the NGO, he is involved in the most important decisions. He is also responsible for sourcing international funding and creating future plans for the project.

Anne Hans
Tantakuna Sales Represantative & Donor Relations - Germany

Anne was a volunteer onsite in 2011 and 2012 and since 2011 Anne has been helping with the sale of handicrafts of the women’s group Tantakuna in Europe and donor relations in Germany.

Jule Terkatz
Volunteer & Donors Coordinator

Jule spent 10 months in Bolivia as a volunteer in 2010. She is now a member of the German foundation “Proyecto Horizonte Freunde e.V.” acting as a contact person and coordinator of former and future volunteers and supporters of Proyecto Horizonte in Germany.

Katia Lichko
Marketing & Volunteer Coordiantor

Katia was a volunteer onsite in 2014 and has returned in 2015 as a marketing coordinator ensuring effective and timely communication with our supporters. She also coordinates volunteer activities of Proyecto Horizonte, placing the volunteers in the particular task of the organisation that fits their interests and abilities with our needs.

Our Operational Team On-Site

Eliza Wall
Head of Operations

Eliza is the local head of operations (CEO) of Proyecto Horizonte. She is responsible for the day-to-day management and representation of Proyecto Horizonte in Bolivia. Eliza has worked in various capacities with Proyecto Horizonte since 2010 including Director of the Community Development Area and volunteer coordinator.

Johan Börjesson
Community Relations

Johan has worked with Proyecto Horizonte since 2011 and is responsible for identification, prioritization and analysis of needs and problems present within our community with the objective of designing programs that will provide solutions. He is in charge of measuring the impact of the implemented
programs and has also dedicated himself to the economic development sector assisting our local women’s group Tantakuna in selling their handicrafts.

Erika Zambrana

Erika is the accountant of Proyecto Horizonte on-site, being responsible for all the financial reporting requirements, budgets, payroll and inventory of the organisation and providing guidance to the community members in the administration of their programs.

Rafael Morales
Legal Advisor

Rafael is our local legal advisor and ensures compliance with all local laws and regulations and plays a key role in the relationship with local authorities. He also provides legal advice to members of the community as part of our programs.


Mabel Romero

Mabel is responsible for the student scholarships for the day-care centre, night school and tertiary education. She also works as an advisor to the day-care centre ensuring that the education and nutrition programs are being implemented. Mabel worked as the principal of the day-care centre from 2006 to 2015 and changed roles when the day-care centre became independent in 2015

Health Care Team