Our volunteer inspires with a creative yet simple fundraiser!

Our volunteer from the UK, Michaela, tells us how she raised a $1,000 for Proyecto Horizonte prior to her arrival:

“Before I came to Bolivia I held two afternoon teas to raise money for Proyecto Horizonte. All of the food was homemade and I also held a raffle at both events using donated gifts from friends and family. Everybody really enjoyed themselves at both events and I managed to raise a total of $1000 which was so much more than I could have hoped for. During the teas I had a presentation on repeat showing information about Proyecto Horizonte and used the flyers from the website so that people knew exactly what they were donating to and what their money was going towards. Here are a few photos from both events which I wouldn’t have been able to do without help from my family and friends, especially my mum and grandma”.

Thank you, Michaela, for supporting Proyecto Horizonte!

Michaela 3

Michaela 8

Raise Funds_Michaela2