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Proyecto Horizonte’s efforts are focused on the community of Mineros San Juan, Ushpa Ushpa that is situated 10km from Cochabamba, Bolivia.

The Story of Mineros San Juan


The settlement of Mineros San Juan, Ushpa-Ushpa is situated 10 km southeast of Cochabamba, Bolivia. Approximately 1,500 families live here under marginal economic conditions. It was established in August 2001 by former miners, who migrated to Cochabamba in search of brighter prospects. The development of Ushpa-Ushpa has followed a pattern that is typical in many South American cities. Beginning as an illegal settlement on the fringe of the city, the community spread and was eventually recognized as being part of Cochabamba.

People continue to migrate to Mineros San Juan from across Bolivia, although there are now many children in our schools who were born in the community.


Due to its illegal status, Ushpa-Ushpa initially lacked basic utilities. The settlement was provisionally connected to the electricity network of Cochabamba as recently as 2004. The constructing community infrastructure continues to be difficult. There is no plumbing and water must be delivered by trucks. The main street has been paved, but others are in poor condition. 


In the beginning, the people of Ushpa-Ushpa lived in huts built from wood, plastic or other usable garbage. Over time, simple mud-brick homes were built, which improved the quality of life somewhat. Most houses consist of one room in which many sleep on the floor or share the same bed. There are few toilets in the houses and no sewage facilities.


The majority of the inhabitants are seasonal workers or daily laborers. Men mostly work in construction and women wash clothes or sell products in the market.


The health condition of the residents of Ushpa-Ushpa is of a poor standard. Pulmonary problems and diarrhea are widespread and cause death frequently, especially among the children. The reasons for these health concerns include malnutrition and poor hygienic conditions. Chagas and HIV are also known to be present in the community.



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