Community Development


Personal Development and Skills Training

Our personal development and skills training program seeks to help community members make positive and effective decisions for themselves and their families. We work in partnerships with three schools and the daycare center to provide workshops to students, teachers, and parents on topics ranging from nutrition to discipline strategies to sexual health.

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Tutoring and Educational Psychology Clinic

Many children in our community fall behind in their development due to a number of reasons, including lack of early stimulation, learning difficulties, or health and family issues. Our educational psychologists work hard to get these children back on track and prevent them from repeating a school year or falling so far behind that they drop out.

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Psychology and Social Work Clinic

Emotional problems, gang participation, alcohol and drugs, sexual abuse, violence, and child abandonment are all unfortunately prevalent in our community, preventing individuals from developing to their full potential. Our team of psychologists and social workers receives referrals from schools and health centers, and works to help the individuals facing these issues to overcome them, and escape wherever possible.

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We run football, basketball, volleyball and badminton schools for our youth. Studies have shown that participation in sports is linked to higher academic achievement, higher self-esteem, and fewer behavioural problems.

Our sports classes therefore aim to engage our youth in valuable physical activities whilst their parents are at work. Through playing sports, they also have the opportunity to learn valuable life skills such as cooperation and time management.

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Our art program offers classes in modern and folkloric dance, theater, and guitar. In addition, youth have access to a library for recreation and study. They are also encouraged to take initiative and express their creativity by planning activities, such as talent shows, that impact the entire youth community.

Over a 100 boys and girls participate in various youth programs we offer at our youth club. These classes and activities provide a healthy and positive learning environment for our youth where they can acquire new skills, express themselves, and make new friendships.

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Economic Development and Productivity

We promote entrepreneurship as a way for adults in our community to build sustainable economic opportunities. Since 2008, we have been supporting a local women’s group, Tantakuna, a local women’s artisan group that produces hand-made woven goods including bracelets, purses, and pillows.

While the group is independently run and elects their own leaders, our staff work to help them develop their business skills, as well as grow demand for their products locally and overseas. Please see our Tantakuna Shop for more information, and to purchase their products.

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