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Proyecto Horizonte is supported by many volunteers who are an essential part of our team! The commitment and hard work of our volunteers have played a key role in achieving our positive impact.

Volunteering with us offers an opportunity to make a difference in a local community while discovering the unique Bolivian culture, making new friends and having a rewarding experience you will remember for the rest of your life. As you gain valuable learning experience, your work helps us in meeting our objective of providing solutions to the most urgent needs and problems in the community of Ushpa-Ushpa via our programs that have a positive impact.

We offer a number of services to the community, therefore there is a wide range of activities in which you can participate, on-site in Cochabamba, Bolivia, and off-site, from your home town. 

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Emma, a volunteer from the UK, writes about creating a piece of art on one of our walls: This time it was time for me...
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