Fundraising as a school


re you a teacher, principal or a parent with a close affiliation to the school of your child? Fundraising as a school seems to have become as much a part of school life as homework. Below are some ideas of how you can get your school involved to raise funds for Proyecto Horizonte.

No uniform day


ids love no uniform day; it therefore makes for a great fundraiser! Give the children of your school an opportunity to wear their own clothes to school for a donation that will go to Proyecto Horizonte! Several days in a year could be allocated to non-uniform fundraising.

Talent show


hildren usually have many talents that can be put on display in a local school talent show! Tickets could be sold to parents and friends. Parents will happily pay for an opportunity to admire their child in a talent show. Donate all or part of the proceeds to Proyecto Horizonte!

Food fair


rganize a Family Food Fair at your school! If your school has a diverse international population of students, add an international aspect to your fair presenting dishes from different countries. Gastronomic delights have potential to raise significant amounts of money for charity.

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