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ne of the biggest issues in today’s business world is Corporate Social Responsibility, with companies focused on how they can support charities whilst also maximizing benefits for their business. Below are some ideas on how your company can help Proyecto Horizonte raise funds and boost its public image!

Charitable corporate event


rganize a charitable corporate event! Treat your staff and customers to a memorable social occasion whilst raising much needed funds for the charity. Whether it’s a black tie dinner or a workplace sporting competition, there’s something out there for everyone to enjoy.

Payroll Giving


mplement a payroll giving scheme deducting a small amount from the pay of your employees and choose Proyecto Horizonte as a charity to which you wish to allocate your donations. Payroll giving is usually set-up with a government agency and is known to be one of the most-tax efficient ways to donate.

Cause Marketing


onate a percentage of your sales to Proyecto Horizonte! Enhanced public image, boosted staff morale and increased sales and productivity can all be achieved from a meaningful and well managed corporate-charity partnership. Your business may introduce various creative, interesting and lucrative promotions, part the proceeds of which would go to Proyecto Horizonte.

Jeans Friday for Charity


any businesses allow their employees to wear jeans on Fridays, but only if they donate to a charity. Pick Proyecto Horizonte as a charity you support and spread the word among your colleagues! Oftentimes the business will match employee donations.

Gifts in kind


iving a gift-in-kind is an easy way for your company to help us to reduce costs and spend more money on children. We are always particularly grateful for donations of products and services which can be used as prizes for raffles and auctions at our fundraising events.

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