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We are looking for individuals like you to help us raise funds for our programs. Below are some ideas of charity events and fundraising challenges to get you started. 

Hosting a Local Restaurant Night: “Eat for a Cause”


pproach a restaurant in your community and ask them to donate a percentage of their profits on a designated night for your cause in exchange for encouraging your friends and other potential supporters to eat there.

Although it might be intimidating to approach local businesses, it is a win-win event for everyone; you get a percentage of their profits and they get customers who appreciate their community involvement and potentially gain new customers. Some restaurants will even provide fliers for you to hand out to attract supporters to your event. If this is not the case, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will gladly provide promotional materials for your event.

Once you establish the right place and time, the key is to spread the word to your supporters. Get ready to have an awesome night of fun as with every bite of delicious food, you will be raising funds for Proyecto Horizonte!

Calorie burning challenge at a local gym


o you know your ways around the gym? Are you feeling adventurous? Form a team of 3 or 4 individuals like yourself and set a specific number of calories your team will attempt to burn on a specific number of cardio machines in a defined period of time. A common challenge we have seen is burning 5,000 among 4 team members on 4 cardio machines in 2 hours.

Set a fundraising goal among your team, seek supporters promoting the fact that raising funds for Proyecto Horizonte was what motivated you to take up this intense challenge!

If you are able to set-up this challenge on a big scale talk to your local gym to see if they would offer free gym memberships to the team that burns the most calories.

Masquerade Ball Fundraiser


 masquerade ball event requires a lot of advance planning and hard work, but the results will for sure be well worth the effort! It is a great way to raise funds because it gives your supporters a glamorous fun night with a blend of mystery and elegance.

Select a Friday or Saturday night at least six weeks ahead of time and rent a location. Raise money by selling tickets that are either all-inclusive (e.g. entrance fee, food and beverages) or only cover the entrance fee. To keep the night interesting, consider having a best costume contest for men and women.

The more fun your masquerade ball is, the more people will want to attend and the more successful your fundraiser will be. And of course, once it is a big success you can make your masquerade ball fundraiser an annual event.

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Check out more great ideas to fundraise:

Run a marathon

Date Auction

Game night

Garage Sale


Bake sale

Are you and your friends up for a physical challenge that takes several months of consistent preparation but provides a unique sense of accomplishment? Form a team, sign up for a half-marathon or a full-marathon race in your city and start looking for supporters. Set a fundraising goal and spread the word that your motivation for taking part in the race is raising funds for Proyecto Horizonte. Don’t forget to promote your initiative through social media.

Spice things up with a date auction!  Gather some devoted friends and any other eligible singles willing to be auctioned off for a good cause.  Once you have a lineup, determine a date for the auction that participants will all be able to attend.  Then contact local businesses, such as movie theaters, restaurants, spas, and other possible date spots to see if they’d be willing to donate any products or services to inspire higher bidding. 

Market the event through social media, local newspapers, flyers, etc. and sell tickets ahead of time to ensure more people will attend. Ask participating bachelors and bachelorettes to publicize the auction on their personal pages. Suggest that they write cute profile updates, such as “Would you like to take me on a memorable date? Ask me out at the charity bachelorette auction this Friday night. All auction proceeds will be donated to Proyecto Horizonte. I hope you will be the winning bidder!”

Invite your friends over for a night of playing games for a good cause.  Advertise your event on facebook or send out an evite.  You can charge a set entrance fee or just have a suggested donation.  There’s the traditional route with the classic board games like Monopoly or Risk, but there are plenty of other options like having a video game showdown or casino night.  Put your own twist on a theme—the more creative the better!

What a great excuse to do a little spring-cleaning!  Set up a little shop on your street and sell some of your old stuff you no longer need for a good cause.  Figure out a date that works for you and start advertising! Social media, newspaper ads, and neighborhood flyers will all help get people out.

Take the ultimate fundraising challenge! Skydiving has long been accepted as a popular and effective method of raising funds for charity.  By placing yourself in an unfamiliar and challenging environment and to many an unenviable one, you are in a great position to raise plenty of money for your chosen cause!

Consider a more traditional route such as a bake sale and ask you friends and family to get involved. The more bakers the better!  Some ideas for venues include festivals, school events, concerts, or outside shopping malls or popular retail stores—just make sure to get permission if needed.  If you plan to have the sale outside, make sure you have a “Plan B” in case of inclement weather.