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Day-care Center Scholarships
Donation Goal For This Project is $6,600
62% Donated/$2,500 To Go
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Change a child’s life by giving a local boy or girl access to education, nutritious meals and secure environment of the daycare center ensuring that he or she receives these key elements of integral development crucial in the first years of their lives!

The day-care center offers an education and nutritious meals to children between the ages of 1-3 years. It ensures that they receive the key elements of integral development that is crucial for the first years of their lives. The ability to leave their children in a secure environment allows parents to pursue work opportunities and thus improve the family’s economic situation.

Due to the fact that the state government does not entirely cover food and educators’ salaries, the amount needed to provide a quality service is higher than what most parents can afford. Proyecto Horizonte subsidizes the price and offers scholarships between 30-50% of the contribution amount to enable families to be able to send their children to a safe place whilst they are working at an affordable price.
The child’s attendance and development is monitored and we provide support to the whole family of the child through our psychologist and social worker.

Your donation allows to cover tuition fees and the costs of monitoring the attendance and development of the children, including the salary of our professional, equipment and materials needed. A donation of $10 allows to provide a monthly scholarship to a child.