Reaching out to more Youth!

New youth center expansion

There is a great need for our youth center expansion given its constantly growing popularity. Your contribution will allow us to accommodate more youth engaging them in valuable activities.

Over a 100 boys and girls participated in various youth programs we offer at our youth club last year. The premises have a library for recreational and study purposes; our youth also comes to attend modern and folkloric dance classes, participate in a theatre club and guitar lessons.

These classes and activities provide a healthy and positive learning environment where they can acquire new skills, express themselves, grow as a person and make new friendships.

Given the constantly growing popularity of our youth club, there is now a great need for the youth center expansion. It is very important for us to be able to accommodate more and more boys and girls as we engage them in valuable activities thus reducing the risk of them participating in gangs, suffering from alcohol, drug, sexual abuse, violence and developing emotional problems.

Your donation will allow us to start expanding the premises.