Change a child’s life!

Donation Goal For This Project is $55,200
52% Donated/$26,300 To Go
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Make a lasting change in the lives of the children of our community by making a donation that will be distributed among the various programs we designed to provide our children with high-quality education ensuring that they stay healthy and receive appropriate care from their parents.

We offer day care center and elementary education scholarships to our children which allows low-income families to send their children to a safe place whilst they are working at an affordable price. To ensure that our children stay healthy from the very young age, we provide pre and post-natal controls to mothers, general medical checkups, child development monitoring and dental treatment at our health center. As part of our public health and personal development and skills training programs, we also offer educational workshops to mothers on a various range of subjects such as child nutrition and parenting skills.

If you are interested in helping us support our children, your donation will go towards the cost of running the programs described above such as tuition fees, salaries of our medical professionals, and of our team that provides workshops to parents and children. Donations also provide equipment such as printers and computers and the cost of presentation materials, printing and photocopy expenses.