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Higher Education Scholarships
Donation Goal For This Project is $13,200
59% Donated/$5,300 To Go
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Join our kind supporter Emily’s Charities in their generous initiative to grant higher education scholarships that give our youth an opportunity to pursue their studies in a local university.

Higher education scholarships program was launched in 2014 thanks to the support of the Emily’s Charities Foundation that generously grants higher education scholarships. In 2015 the program was expanded to include technical studies. These scholarships are granted on academic merit and commitment to the community. In order to remain eligible for the scholarship, recipients are required to pass all of their subjects and complete 4 hours a week of volunteer work at Proyecto Horizonte.

Due to high costs involved with higher education, the amount needed to provide a scholarship to a student is a lot higher. For instance, to be able to support a student a $60 minimum monthly donation is required.