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Donation Goal For This Project is $36,000
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Transform the families in our community that are often confronted with difficult situations such as poor education, teenage pregnancy, domestic violence and single motherhood by donating to the various programs we put into place to allow them to lead positive lives.

Strengthening families has therefore always been an important objective of many of the programs we offer. In the area of education, we offer scholarships to children, youth and parents allowing the entire family to complete their studies. Our health center offers general medicine, dentistry services, serious illnesses treatment and prevention as well as public health programs aimed at distributing reliable and desperately needed information and raising awareness about serious illnesses and other issues such as unwanted and teenage pregnancies.

In the area of community development, our teams of psychologists and social workers provide education, support and interventions to address issues such as learning difficulties, emotional problems, gang participation, alcohol, drug and sexual abuse, violence and child abandonment which are all problems that are significantly present within the families of our community.

Your donation will cover the costs of running the various programs described above.